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11 Reasons to ceramic coat your vehicle:

  • Unmatched Gloss

  • Car Stays Cleaner Longer

  • Extremely Easy Maintenance

  • Protection From UV Damage

  • CarFax Verified Warranty

  • Helps Prolong the Life Of Your Paint

  • Brake Dust Washes Off With Ease

  • Wax Attracts Dust, Ceramic Coatings Repel It

  • Scratch & Marring Resistance

  • Prevents Bug, Sap & Chemical Staining

  • Permanent Protection For Your Paint


Wet Paint Auto Detailing Is An Authorized Installer For The Best Professional Ceramic Coatings On The Market

Don't fall for the consumer level ceramic coatings!


If you are unsure what coating may be best for you & your vehicle give us a call, text, or email today!  916-821-9037

Informative Videos

(What is a ceramic coating and why do I need it?)

Videos by Wet Paint Auto Detailing

Honda Ceramic Coating.jpg
Range Rover Ceramic coating.jpg
Tesla Ceramic Coating Roseville.jpg
Ford Ranger Ceramic Coating.jpg
GT500 Ceramic Coating.jpg
Ford Expedition Ceramic Coating.jpg
Ceramic Coating Ram truck.jpg
Mercades ceramic coating.jpg
Silverado ceramic coating.jpg
interior ceramic coating.jpg
jeep ceramic coating.jpg
ceramic coating ford.jpg
Ceramic Pro Lexus.jpg
Opticoat Acura Sacramento.jpg
F150 Ceramic Coating.jpg
Model 3 ceramic coating.jpg
ceramic pro jeep.jpg
opticoat ceramic coating Honda.jpg
Ram Ceramic Coating.jpg
RAM Roseville ceramic coating.jpg
BMW ceramic coating.jpg
GMC Ceramic Coating Roseville.jpg
Tesla ceramic coating.jpg
Ceramic coating PPF detailing.jpg
porsche ceramic coating.jpg
Porsche Ceramic Coating Roseville.jpg
hellcat ceramic coating.jpg
GMC ceramic coating roseville.jpg
Mazda ceramic coating.jpg
Tundra Ceramic Coating.jpg
Ceramic Pro Mercades.jpg
Jeep ceramic coating.jpg
Ceramic coating f450 truck.jpg
ceramic pro roseville.jpg

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