11 Reasons to ceramic coat your vehicle:

  • Unmatched Gloss

  • Car Stays Cleaner Longer

  • Extremely Easy Maintenance

  • Protection From UV Damage

  • CarFax Verified Warranty

  • Helps Prolong the Life Of Your Paint

  • Brake Dust Washes Off With Ease

  • Wax Attracts Dust, Ceramic Coatings Repel It

  • Scratch & Marring Resistance

  • Prevents Bug, Sap & Chemical Staining

  • Permanent Protection For Your Paint

Informative Videos

(What is a ceramic coating and why do I need it?)

Wet Paint Auto Detailing Is An Authorized Installer For The 2 Best Professional Ceramic Coatings On The Market

Don't fall for the consumer level ceramic coatings!

Yearly Inspection required to maintain warranty

No Inspection required to maintain warranty

Why WP for your coating needs? Owner/ Operator Dustin has coated 100s of vehicles from San Francisco to Reno. From Honda Civics to Rolls Royce's. He has the expertise & knowledge to ensure your coating is installed correctly. Can you really trust an hourly employee at a shop to correctly install your coating?

If you are unsure what coating may be best for you & your vehicle give us a call, text, or email today!  916-821-9037

           Most wax, sealants, consumer coatings will last you 6-8 months at best. Needing it done twice per year at an average of $250 a detail can add up quick. In just 3 years it will cost you $1500 and numerous hours without your vehicle 


           With a professional level ceramic coating your vehicles paint is locked in so it stays looking its very best permanently. You would never have to give up your vehicle for hours to have it detailed again. You would never have to remember that it's time to wax your vehicle again. You can have piece of mind knowing your vehicle is protected against things that may damage your paint like bugs, rock chips, and swirling caused from normal washing. The benefits of a permanent ceramic coating over wax or a sealant are endless!

Videos by Wet Paint Auto Detailing

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