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Opti-Coat Pro & Pro + Coatings

Stop Wasting Money on Wax & Permanently Protect your Vehicle!


1. First Permanent Coating on the Market

2. Only Coating Recommended by Tesla

3. Doesn't Need to be "Reloaded" Every Year Like Other Coatings

4. Only Coating that Doesn't Require Maintenance Other then Normal Washing

5. Made in The USA


Opti-Coat Pro & Pro+ 


Easier Maintenance
Less Cleaning
Always Polished Appearance
Scratch & UV Resistant
Protects Against Swirls & Water Spots
Stays Cleaner Longer
Boosts Resell Value

Most wax or sealants will last you 6-8 months at best. Needing it done twice per year at an average of $250 a detail can add up quick. In just 3 years it will cost you $1500 and numerous hours without your vehicle 

 With Opti-Coat your vehicles paint is locked in so it says looking its very best permanently. You would never have to give up your vehicle for hours to have it detailed again. You would never have to remember that it's time to wax your vehicle again. You can have piece of mind knowing your vehicle is protected against things that may damage your paint light bugs, rock chips, and swirling caused from normal washing. The benefits of a permanent ceramic coating over wax or a sealant are endless

If you just purchased a new vehicle or are looking to preserve the appearance of an older one Opti-Coat is for you

Opti-Coat Pro service comes with a free maintenance wash 2-4 weeks after coating application. Valid within 10 miles of 95677


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Ask About Our New Vehicle Protection Package!
Includes coating the complete exterior plus wheels and glass


If you have just purchased a new vehicle or are looking to preserve the appearance of an older vehicle, Opti-Coat is for you!

Do to the sensitive nature of the products used to correct your paint and the Opti-Coat application, a garage or area protected from the sun and elements needs to be provided. if it can not the vehicle may be brought to me.

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