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Detailing Packages

Don't fall for the "Hand Wax" gimmick. A real detail requires a High Speed Professional Buffer!

Better yet, never need to wax your vehicle again with a permanent ceramic coating service! Click the Coatings tab on the left to learn more

There are 4 detailing packages to choose from. If you are unsure what package fits your vehicle feel free to give me a call.

Light Detailing - Preventative Maintenance Detail
Average Detailing - Basic Detail (Most Vehicles)
Heavy Detailing - Reconditioning Detail
Ceramic Coating - Permanent Paint Protection 

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Light DetailingPreventative Maintenance Detail 

This service is designed for vehicles that are in good condition. This package is a light re-freshening to ensure the exterior is glossy & protected.  Interior is refreshed and maintained.  Best if performed every 2 to 6 months.


Average Detailing - Basic Detail (Most Vehicles)

This service is designed as a mild reconditioning service for vehicles that are in average condition. Vehicle is clayed to remove stuck in contaminants for a smooth as glass feel. Then it's waxed via professional high speed buffer. Most vehicles fall into this package. Best if done annually.

Heavy Detailing - Reconditioning Detail 

This service is designed as a heavy reconditioning service for vehicles that are in poor neglected condition. The finish is restored with compounding and polishing steps before being waxed. The interior is subjected to multiple passes until clean.


Headlight Restore

Headlights are sanded down to remove oxidation. Then a sealer is applied to protect the headlight
Most vehicles $45 - $55


Decal Removal
Call for Quote

Final price for all services is determined by vehicle size & condition. Give me a call, describe your vehicle, and I can give you a more accurate estimate.

If a detail location can't be provided the vehicle may be brought to me.  

In order to provide you the best service possible and to protect your personal property, please remove all personal belongings from your vehicle before I begin my process. Thank you!

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